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From Piazza Cavour we reach the Cathedral and visit it, next to it is the Broletto (the ancient Town-hall), Piazza Verdi where there are monuments dating from different historic periods (Medioeval Walls, a Neoclassic Theatre and a rationalist building by Terragni).
At the end of Via Vittorio Emanuele, that is the main street in the city, we'll visit San Fedele's church and its square where there are still houses of XV and XVI centuries (every Saturday there is a flea market). Walking along the narrow streets of the Medioeval town we reach Porta Torre (the old entrance of the city) and its walls (market three times a week). You can admire the beautiful statue of G. Garibaldi by V. Vela in Piazza della Vittoria to commemorate the definitive liberation of Como from the Austrian domination.

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Simon Fraser University
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